Partner Saloons

Currently, Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd has 3 partner saloons who has invested into the 2 pilot mobile barbershop trucks. The saloon partners and investors are as follows:

•   Jay Hair Design – Unisex Saloon and Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur

•   Andy Saloon & Academy – 3 Hair Saloons outlets in Selangor

•   Meylis Hair Salon – Unisex Saloon and Training Center, Kuala Lumpur

The above partner saloons are also providing both training and internship positions at their “brick and mortar” outlets. The first batch of 9 hairstylists have been deployed with another 30 under training.

Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd aims to expand the number of partner saloons in the Klang Valley and elsewhere in the country. The aim is to recruit between 30 to 40 trainee hairstylists each month in 2021 to fulfill the need of the mobile barbershops and to provide local hairstylists to existing barbershops as recruitment and retention of expatriate hairstylists is increasingly difficult and expensive.

There is a collaboration agreement with each partner saloon. Each agreement differs to accommodate the expectations and obligations of the partner saloon. However, the key objective is to train and develop more local craftsmen hairstylists .

For anyone interested in a collaboration, it is a great opportunity to ensure that there is a pipeline of trained local hairstylists for your existing outlets and an opportunity to diversify into the mobile barbershop business for a relatively modest capital outlay.

Please call Mr. Yogendra Selvarajah (better known as MS Joe) at 012 295 4444 or drop an email to: