Training And Development

Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd offers a partial and full scholarship for students under its training and development program. The students are the recently unemployed and for youths who are just entering the job market. The ideal candidates must have a strong desire to learn the craft of being a hairstylist and an ambition to be an entrepreneur one day. The candidates will be enrolled as students with Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd’s trainer providers for a 12 months training program. Subsequently, the hairstylists will be enrolled for business management courses to learn how to run their own business one day.

The launch of Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd’s fleet of mobile barbershop trucks is to provide a starting base for employment for these graduate hairstylists. Graduate hairstylists will also be found placements in the “brick and mortar” partner saloons.

Basic:1 month

An intensive course on the principles of hairdressing is focused on the first month. From thereon, a practical understanding of shampooing, blow-drying, perm rod winding as well as color application is taught.

Intermediate 1: 2 months

On the 2nd month, the students are taught on consultation and diagnosis as well as to improve their basic skills on what they learnt in the 1st month. From here on, students are exposed to practice on live models doing basic hair wash, cutting, perming as well as coloring.

Intermediate 2: 2 months

As the student progress into their 3rd and 4th month, the students are now more matured and will be left to do their own consultation. Besides doing live models, students are also taught various methods of achieving different results in hair cutting, coloring and even perming.

Creative: 2 months

In their 5th and 6th month, the students are given free rein to decide on methodologies to achieve desired results. The trainer will coach the students on points for improvement during as well as after the service has been done. Creative works such as coloring and perm techniques are taught in this class.

Internship: 3 months

Once their 7th month is completed, the students will undergo a 3-month internship program to experience the different kind of salon ambiance as well as different levels of expectations of clients. The students will be doing their internships at the partner hair salons.

Finishing: 2 months

Once they have finished their final internship, the students will then start their first month as paid hairstylists. They will earn their first pay check. The trainer will check for their weaknesses and the trainer will work with them to hone their skills.