Mobile Barbershop

The mobile barbershop trucks are air-conditioned barbershops mounted onto a 5000 kg (GVW/BDM) chassis.

It will be equipped with the following:

•   Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd custom designed chassis

•   Diesel generator mounted on the bottom left side of the chassis

•   1.5 horsepower split unit air-conditioning

•   1 Real-time GPS tracking system

•   2 Barber chairs

•   Table top with mirrors and storage cabinets

•   1 Water tank, wash basin and 1 waste water tank

•   1 Exhaust fan

•   2 pieces of 10.7 inches tablets placed on the table top

•   1 Entry and 1 Exit/Emergency door

•   2 x 5 Kg fire extinguishers

•   2 chair stools for clients.

Fabrication, fit out and commissioning per mobile barbershop truck will take about 2 months per unit.

The investment cost per unit of the fully equipped mobile barbershop truck is currently at RM 170,000 inclusive of insurance, road tax and all approvals, licensing and permits to operate as a mobile truck business. This investment cost per unit is valid till 30 April 2021. The cost of investment per unit will be reviewed every quarter to factor any design changes, cost savings and also, for inflation. Going forward, new custom design mobile barbershop trucks and trailers will be added to the fleet. The continuous improvements is to build a strong brand which can enable a nationwide rollout.