The Mobile Barbershop

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes to the way we work and do business. A lot of us are forced to find new careers, while others have to find ways to adapt. It is even tougher for the young who are just joining the job market especially if they lack a college or university degree or have yet to acquire skills in a craft.

Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd’s vision is to create a broad, diverse and stable base of skilled local craftsmen hairstylists and to provide encouragement and to present the opportunity for the most skilled and ambitious craftsmen hairstylists to transform themselves into small business owners within 10 years of their respective careers. This profession has been dominated by expatriate hairstylists for many years and the current global pandemic demands a new normal for this industry. The global pandemic has created a window of opportunity for change.

Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd’s mission is to ensure that every hairstylist under its wing is a potential entrepreneur, working smart to identify and to convert opportunities into income and wealth.

What is a Mobile Barbershop?

A Mobile Barbershop is a setup where the hairstylist does not just work in a traditional physical store. Instead, they can operate in different locations. A fully mobile barbershop operates out of a truck or trailer – this works best when the freelance hairstylist or the barbershop owner does not want to invest a large sum in shop renovations or pay a rent but still need a setup to handle client appointments.

For existing barbershop owners, they can still operate through a “brick and mortar” or physical store as well as run a mobile service business on the side – this works best for the traditional barbershops who want to continue servicing their clients from their barbershop but also want to make more money and reach out to clients who value their services but cannot visit the business due to age factors, mobility issues, time constraints and so on.

For anyone interested in the concept of mobile truck businesses, it is a great opportunity to run a small business for a small capital outlay.

“My father may not had a whole lot of money. But he was rich,because he invested in people” MS Joe, Mobile Saloon Sdn Bhd